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15744 Goldenwest St, Huntington Beach, CA 92647


Please park in Parking Lot A, located at the corner of Goldenwest/McFadden.



The eSports Elites Team:

Connor ‘Connie Kins’ Crockett:

Connor Crockett exhibits plenty of character when it comes to his esports habits. He excels in commentary, teaching, video editing, social media, graphic design, community interaction, and most importantly bringing the hype to the stage! Connor is the recipient of several esports related awards due to his immaculate effort. Being the eccentric personality of the team, it seems Connor can always get heads to turn and makes it known to the public that esports is always thriving. Connor is a Twitch affiliate and streams several days a week. He has also founded Vikings Esports over at Marina High School in Huntington Beach; leaving an imprint of esports excellence wherever he goes. His favorite game is Team Fortress 2. Connor always aspires to make events the best they can be through his attitude and talents and continues to run the extra mile whenever necessary.

Traver ‘Tre’ Powell:

If there is one thing you can remember Traver Powell for it’s that he is no ordinary gamer. He prides himself on his commentary, graphic design, and his high-level gameplay expertise. His favorite game to compete in is Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Traver loves to compete in tournaments and get to know everyone in the crowd! Whether he’s commentating, competing, or just hanging around the GWC Esports Arena, Traver is always ready to bring his best and support his passions in any way possible!

Jordan ‘King JG’ German:

Starting off as the social media manager of multiple different clubs and businesses, Jordan German has been working on the web for about two years as of 2019. Jordan’s biggest passions in life are Hockey, Basketball, and esports, and he writes about all three of them. Starting off at Los Angeles Sports Nation, Jordan worked his way up to being the site co-expert of FanSided’s Pucks of a Feather, and is currently in the works of being a contributor for FanSided’s Clipperholics. He also writes for Esports Elites and Golden West Athletics, and is always interested in writing about the next big story.