2019 eSports Summer Camps
for gamers ages 10 to 17!

@ Golden West




eSports Summer Camp
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Join eSports Elites this summer at Golden West College for a camp unlike any other. Here, kids will make friends with other likeminded gamers who share the same passion for video games. Once players are introduced, teams will be paired to enhance gaming social skills amongst their peers. Coaches will work with teams to facilitate strategies, lead comprehensive techniques during games sessions and demonstrate cooperative gaming between players.   

Camp is for ages 10-17.

Games: League of Legends, Overwatch, Smash Bros, Minecraft, Fortnite, APEX, FIFA, Madden, NBA2k and other favorites.

Week In Play:

The goal for the week is to establish team building and communication. While assisting and improving players in game abilities, we want to introduce each individual player to a lesser seen side of the gaming community. Each player will get to learn what it’s like behind the scenes, what it takes to have competitive game play or casual online streaming, and the core fundamentals of a positive eSports community. Each player will be taught how to promote a welcoming environment full of
positivity and support.



Orientation-an explanation of how the week is going to go

Setting all games accounts and gaming equipment

Safe practices and exercises (team skills, comms, etc.)

Playtime and evaluating


Review of yesterday’s performance

Start/Demonstrate strategy tactics with students

Students practice tactics

Practice new set of tactics

Playtime until pickup


Review yesterday’s teachings

Start working on team building if not applied previously

Work on team communication

Playtime in teams until pickup


Review yesterday’s teachings

Cover content creation via YouTube/Twitch using applicable software (OBS, Xsplit, etc.)

Cover behind the scenes jobs/Play time

Playtime until pickup


Recap the week and what we learned

Tournaments/Team play (depends on how many people are in for OW & LoL)

Playtime until pickup


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15744 Goldenwest St, Huntington Beach, CA 92647


Please park in Parking Lot A, located at the corner of Goldenwest/McFadden.



The eSports Elites Team:

Instructor names:

Matt N.

Alicia L.

Alexander A.